Minnesota Dispatch Center


When it comes to the overall safety of our security guards and our client’s, we utilize the most advanced and state of the art technology available to ensure fast and effective communications between our security guards, clients and dispatch personnel in Minnesota.


Our Minnesota Dispatch Center is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced dispatchers who understand the need for fast and effective communication when it comes to our officers and clients.


All of our Minnesota mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with a Two-Way Radio, Mobile Data Computer and Real-Time GPS Monitoring Equipment. As each security guard starts his or her shift, the dispatch center logs the security guard into the real-time GPS system to monitor the officer’s current location and area of travel.


As the security guard conducts an on-site or random inspection of the client’s property, the time and date is logged into the GPS system in real time. As the security guard updates their activity log with information, that information is saved electronically and can be accessed by our dispatch center. If the security guard initiates an incident report, all information is saved in the exact same way so that it may be retrieved at a later date if needed.


The Minnesota dispatch center works just like the local police department does. All clients are provided with our direct dispatch telephone number and any calls placed to our dispatch center will be documented and if required, the dispatcher will notify the on duty mobile patrol security guard or local authorities and EMS if needed.


Contact us today if you have any questions about our Minnesota dispatch center and our security operations. We look forward to hearing from you.


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