Minnesota Funeral Escorts


We provide professional Funeral Escort Services to both private and public entities in Minnesota. We have been providing Funeral Escort Services since 2005 and have become known as the industry standard when it comes to providing professional funeral escorts in the state of Minnesota.


When you use  State-Wide Protective Agency for all your funeral escort needs, you may elect to use fully marked patrol

vehicles or unmarked patrol vehicles that have emergency lighting installed inside the vehicle for a more clean and professional appearance. All our Minnesota patrol vehicles are equipped with emergency lights and a PA system to deliver superior sound to oncoming motorist and to provide clear verbal instructions to large groups of people.


All of our security guards are trained in Minnesota traffic and pedestrian safety along with hands on training for providing funeral escorts to small and large vehicle processions. We utilize traffic cones and high visible traffic vest to ensure maximum visibility. All security guards are provided with hand held two way radios so they may communicate with other security guards assisting in the funeral escort.


You can depend on State-Wide Protective Agency when it comes to providing professional funeral escort services. We know and understand each element involved in getting you from your starting point all the way to your final destination.


We do ask that prior to providing funeral escort services, that you contact us and provide additional information regarding your starting point and your final destination. The reason for this information is so that we may properly plan and prepare your funeral escort travel route and so that we may ensure that we have the required personnel and vehicles to perform the funeral escort.


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